The perfect idea for your bachelor party in Barcelona: Museo Magic World

Your perfect photo for your bachelor : A free beer included

When celebrating your bachelor party you should use the early hours to have a bachelor party photoshooting. The ideal place for that is our museum in the centre of Barcelona. At our museum we have 40 motives with 3D effect which are perfect for group photos. Within 1 or 2 hours you will get countless memories. Bride and groom enter for free and each member of the bachelor party get a beer for.

Bachelor Party T - Shirts also availabe

In the museum we offer you the must haves for your bachelor party, i. e. T-Shirts with individual photos and photo memories of a great party in Barcelona. Here  you can buy directly you ticket. Don’t forget bride or groom enter for free.
If you need printed T-Shirts please fill in the form below.

Booking conditions

The bachelor party at museo magic world includes

-A visit ofthe museum with over 40 backdrops

-A free beer for everybody
-Free entry for the bride or groom
-Optional: Digital and/or printed photos, individual T-Shirt

¡Bachelor Party at the Museum!

Download the Bachelor Party Proposal HERE

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