The perfect school trip in Barcelona: Museo Magic World

Excursion, project days or trip for children, young people or children with special needs

Magic World is the perfect place for an interactive, fun and educational experience for pupils, children or students. The duration of the group visit is approximately 1.5 to 2 hours and can reach up to 50 people in a single visit.

Magic World has developed a pedagogical concept to learn certain topics by playing and interacting with the 3D murals in our museum.

Students are the protagonists of the Museum

During the school excursion, the students will become the protagonists of one or more of the 40 Trick Art murals. The school visit to the museum has various activities that are adapted to each training cycle, be it Early Childhood Education , Primary and ESO, as well as special education centres. These activities are carried out face-to-face and actively.

Educating the imagination and creativity through interaction with each of our Trick-Art works serves as a starting point for reflection, criticism and interpersonal work of each of the students from the schools that visit the Museum.

School activity in Magic World includes:

* Visit the museum

* Practical activity (optional, this service does not bring any additional cost).

* Price per attendee: €8 (minimum group of 10 students).

* Teachers or mentor enter for free.



Exclusive activity for Educational centres in Barcelona

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