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The Magic World museum opens its doors in the heart of Barcelona

The 3D Trick Art Museum provides 40 settings with which the visitor can experience a three-dimensional world.

With an investment of 400,000 euros, the museum’s creators are aiming for 100,000 visitors per year.



Barcelona, April 21, 2022




The Museum Magic World Barcelona opens its doors tomorrow to an international audience. The event will take place in the presence of the founders, Alexander Laber and Frederik Lehner, in the street Casp 50-52 from 10 am.


The Magic World Museum is a 3D trick art museum in which 40 photorealistic motifs with different topics are presented, in which the visitors can take photos of themselves. This results in pictures with a three-dimensional effect. The motifs are deliberately chosen, so that the artworks exceed the limits of reality: So you can ride on a unicorn, deal with a dinosaur in the living room or flee from an explosion. Some motifs take reference to Barcelona and its unique attractions, so there are motifs of the Parque Guell or the Rambla, presented in a way that would not be possible in reality.


While the “Magic World” concept appeals especially to the Instagram and Tik-Tok generation, “actually the target group is from 5 – 100 years old” as co-founder Alex Laber points out. What is important is the interactive approach of the museum: the outcome of the visit are images created by the visitors themselves, underlining their acting skills. With an investment of over 400,000€, the aim is to attract 100,000 visitors per year.

The two founders, Alexander Laber and Frederik Lehner, are from Austria and chose Barcelona as the location for this joint project because of its ideal combination of a creative scene and international tourism.


As of now, the museum is open daily from 10am – 8pm, on Saturday from 10am – 9pm. In addition to group visits, the Magic World Museum is also ideal for birthday parties and team building events. On the homepage, a short video sums up the concept.



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About Museum Magic World:


Museum Magic World is the first photorealistic 3D trick art museum in Barcelona. The ideal place to spend creative time together with friends and family to get souvenir photos that are beyond the possibilities of reality. In addition, there are 40 motifs inviting for interaction and setting their own stage for the visitors.

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Trick art at its best: Fantastic illusions, not painted, but photo-realistic, with many unique ideas and a lot of reference to Barcelona.